Tenders Print

Your company may be planning or be obliged to tender security products or security services. To run a tender smoothly Raaijmakers Risk Management can assist you and uses the following approach;

Together with the customer Raaijmakers Risk Management assesses which products or services you want to tender and which tender procedure is chosen.

Based on the assessment Raaijmakers Risk Management draws up a program of requirements. This program of requirements consist of both the (technical) requirements and the requirements requested from the supplier and its organisation. For example when security services are tendered Raaijmakers Risk Management will describe the competence profiles of the security officers that have to be met by the security employees.

Raaijmakers Risk Management will draw up evaluation criteria en checks these with the customer. If needed Raaijmakers Risk Management will then adjust the evaluation criteria, after which these criteria are determined together with the customer.

Based on the program of requirements installers or service providers will offer their quotations. Raaijmakers Risk Management judges these quotations with the determined evaluation criteria and advises the customer in making a choice.

The customer announces his choice, after which the tender is awarded to the chosen supplier.

If needed Raaijmakers Risk Management can assist you during the implementation of the products or the services.

Raaijmakers Risk Management is independent and is not connected with suppliers of products, security companies or installing companies. This makes it possible to remain neutral in the choice of (security) solutions and to remain critical in the areas of price, quality and performance.