Technical Security Print

Developments in technical security are moving very fast. Even for security professionals it is very difficult to keep up with these developments, let alone for someone who is not dealing with them on a daily basis. If one gathers information about technical security, one is overflowed with gadgets, technical jargon and possibilities; The sky is the limit.

Raaijmakers Risk Management can assist you to find your way in this labyrinth of possibilities. The approach of Raaijmakers Risk Management is as follows;

√ With the customer Raaijmakers Risk Management assesses the advantages and necessities of the technical systems. During the assessment Raaijmakers Risk Management determines which functionalities are necessary or desired based on laws and regulations and based upon the wishes of the customer. Raaijmakers Risk Management adds its own experiences and expertise.

√ Based upon the assessed needs Raaijmakers Risk Management draws up a Program of Requirements with the vision that excessiveness is too much, with which is prevented that the customer invests (too) much in (too) expensive systems.

√ In accordance with the Program of Requirements installers are invited to send their quotations. Raaijmakers Risk Management judges these quotations and advises the customer in making his choice.

√ The selected installer draws up an implementation plan and Raaijmakers Risk Management judges this plan on effectiveness and feasibility.

√ During the implementation of the technical systems Raaijmakers Risk Management checks the planning, the achievements and the quality. If one of these subjects does not meet the implementation plan Raaijmakers Risk Management will amend the process and, if necessary, will advise the customer.

√ In the presence of Raaijmakers Risk Management the installer will pre-deliver the installations. Raaijmakers Risk Management draws up a pre-delivery report in which possible discrepancies are written down. Together with the installer Raaijmakers Risk Management determines how possible discrepancies are solved and also accompanies this route.

√ After the final delivery of the technical systems Raaijmakers Risk Management will adjust the parameters and the possibilities of the technical systems as much as possible to the needs of the customer, ensuring that the systems can function as effectively as possible and that the assessed requirements are met.

Raaijmakers Risk Management is independent and is not connected with suppliers of products, security companies or installing companies. This makes it possible to remain neutral in the choice of (security) solutions and to remain critical in the areas of price, quality and performance.