Interim management Print

Because of illness, pregnancy, growth of your company, departure of your current employee or other causes the need for a temporary security or risk manager may arise in your organisation. It may also be possible that, because of a limited quantity of hours, for persons with the proper qualifications and competences an employment with your company is insufficiently interesting.

Raaijmakers Risk Management can fill the need of a (temporary) security or risk manager by delivering an interim manager. The interim manager will profile himself as if he were an employee of your company.

During interim assignments Raaijmakers Risk Management will perform all security & risk related tasks and responsibilities. Raaijmakers Risk Management optimizes your security & risk level, performs incident analyses and has possible incidents investigated by a (by the Minister of Justice approved) investigations company. These tasks are performed by Raaijmakers Risk Management ‘on the job’ as much as possible within the agreed number of hours or within the agreed budgets.

During interim assignments Raaijmakers Risk Management will show a declaration about labour relation by the Tax Department (Dutch: VAR-verklaring) to convince the customer that he has no risks of late income taxes or premiums.

For Raaijmakers Risk Management it speaks for itself that sharing of knowledge is a substantial part of interim management!