Pre-employment Print

Without reliable employees companies cannot function. This is a statement of which Raaijmakers Risk Management is convinced few will dispute it. Unfortunately the media quite regularly publish stories of employees that are guilty of malversations in the most broad sense of the word. Not only financial damage (loss of goods or money) may be caused, but also image damage, causing loss of clientele or decrease of moral values in your company.

To prevent yourself against hiring unreliable employees the performance of a pre-employment screening is a probate security measure. Possible actions that are contrary to the resume of the candidate or unreliable acting of the candidate that surface during a pre-employment screening, may cause you to decide not to contract the candidate or at least to have a serious discussion with the involved person about these matters.

Raaijmakers Risk Management carries out a pre-employment screening as follows:

√ Intake interview with the customer

√ Personal interview with the candidate, during which the candidate elaborates his resume and his background, the identity of the candidate is checked and the authenticity of diplomas and references is valued

√ The request of a ‘Declaration of conduct’ and credit registration is done by the candidate

√ Consulting public information about the candidate

√ Personal interviews of (a number of) former employers or representatives

√ Personal interview with the current employer or his representative.

√ Possibly this interview is done when earlier phases of the pre-employment screening do not give reasons to question the integrity of the candidate and when a feedback has been given between the customer and the candidate

√ The writing of a report of the pre-employment screening

√ The discussion of the report with the customer

A pre-employment screening can also be performed in a shortened version, that can be called the checking of the resume. During this check information is gathered by telephone with (former) employers or representatives. The other phases need to be carried out by the customer.

Negative statements about a candidate by a (former) employer or representative will always checked by Raaijmakers Risk Management with a second representative to prevent that a candidate is falsely accused or improperly treated!