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Raaijmakers Risk Management is founded by Jos Raaijmakers. Jos has over 25 years of experience in security risk management and because of his education and experience he is entitled to use the titles Registered Security Expert and Registered Risk Manager.


Geographically Jos knows little limitations. Apart from the surrounding countries, Jos has experience with projects concerning consultancy and investigations in, amongst others, Portugal, Poland, Malaysia and The Dutch Antilles.

Before founding Raaijmakers Risk Management Jos has worked in (management) security risk jobs in the following branches:

Hotel security

Private security company

Private investigations

Computer assembly, logistics & retail

Security consultancy

Risk management consultancy

Further on this website you may read how Raaijmakers Risk Management has translated these personal experiences into services. For this you can simply use the menu buttons.


Raaijmakers Risk Management distinguishes itself as follows:

Integrity: Raaijmakers Risk Management highly values integrity. Raaijmakers Risk Management lets itself be managed through honesty and reliability.

Focus on customers: The extensive experience in hotel security has built a foundation for a continuous strive for customer satisfaction. Stakes of the customer are leading.

Discretion: Raaijmakers Risk Management is discrete: Reports and findings are not published. This is also the reason why references are not published on this website.

No-nonsense: Verbal as well as written reports are to the point and clear. Raaijmakers Risk Management avoids wordiness.

Independency: Raaijmakers Risk Management is not connected with suppliers of products, security companies or installing companies. This makes it possible to remain neutral in the choice of (security) solutions and to remain critical in the areas of price, quality and performance.